Prof. Dr. Monika Köppl-Turyna

Prof. Dr. Monika Köppl-Turyna is Director of EcoAustria. Her research focus is on economic issues concerning public finance, distribution, and political economy.

Köppl-Turyna received her doctorate in 2011 from the University of Vienna. From 2011 to 2015, she was Assistant Professor at the Lisbon University Institute, before being Senior Economist at Agenda Austria. Moreover, Monika Köppl-Turyna has been lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Fellow at the Global Labour Organisation. She is a member of scientific board of the Rudolf-Sallinger Fonds and Klimarat der Bürgerinnen und Bürger. In 2020, she received her habilitation from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Since September 2023 she has been a professor at the Seeburg University in Seekirchen and from April 2024 she will teach as a professor at the University of Warsaw. In the 2021 ranking of the most influential economists in Austria, published by Presse/FAZ/NZZ, she holds rank 5. Moreover, Monika Köppl-Turyna holds a professorship at the Privatuniversität Schloss Seeburg.

Research areas

  • Public finance
  • Distribution
  • Political economy

Selected publications

  • Köppl-Turyna, M. (forthcoming). Gender gap in voting: Evidence from actual ballots. Party Politics.
  • Christl, M., Köppl-Turyna, M., & Gnan, P. (2020). Wage differences between immigrants and natives: the role of literacy skills. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46(19), 4010-4042.
  • Christl, M., Köppl‐Turyna, M., & Kucsera, D. (2020). Determinants of Public‐Sector Efficiency: Decentralization and Fiscal Rules. Kyklos73(2), 253-290.
  • Christl, M., & Köppl–Turyna, M. (2020). Gender wage gap and the role of skills and tasks: evidence from the Austrian PIAAC data set. Applied Economics52(2), 113-134.
  • Kantorowicz, J., & Köppl–Turyna, M. (2019). Disentangling the fiscal effects of local constitutions. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization163, 63-87.
  • Köppl–Turyna, M., & Pitlik, H. (2018). Do equalization payments affect subnational borrowing? Evidence from regression discontinuity. European Journal of Political Economy53, 84-108.
  • Köppl-Turyna, M. (2016). Opportunistic politicians and fiscal outcomes: the curious case of Vorarlberg. Public Choice168(3-4), 177-216.
  • Köppl-Turyna, M. (2014). Campaign finance regulations and policy convergence: The role of interest groups and valence. European Journal of Political Economy33, 1-19.
  • Köppl-Turyna, M. (2012). Estimation of party positions: A comment on Schofield and Zakharov (2010). Public Choice153(1-2), 163-169.She is a